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What separates Crankshaft Rebuilders from other crankshaft suppliers?

By specializing only in crankshaft remanufacturing, Crankshaft Rebuilders does not have the constraints associated with other crankshaft suppliers. The production process is dedicated solely to the remanufacture of crankshafts with no external demands placed on it by other product lines. This specialization allows for a large diversity of different applications parts as well as a high order fill rate for Crankshaft Rebuildersí customers.

What impact does a complete and reliable crankshaft line have on my business?

Crankshaft Rebuilders recognizes the opportunity its customers have for peripheral sales (rods, gaskets, oil pumps, etc) with every crankshaft sale . The more quality crankshafts a customer can offer the more peripheral sales that organization can make and thus develop a stronger return business relationship with its clientele. The diversity and availability of part numbers that Crankshaft Rebuilders provides allows the seller to place the product in the customerís hands thus eliminating the need for product searching and reducing the inclination for comparative shopping.

What kind of quality can I expect from Crankshaft Rebuilders?

Crankshaft Rebuilders strives to produce and supply a quality product that will allow customers to develop and maintain a continuous relationship in the hard part market. Strict quality control standards and the latest technological advances (micropolishing) are combined to ensure and secure that all standards of production are met. All Crankshaft Rebuilders crankshaft kits are supplied with quality engine bearings (ACL, Clevite, Federal-Mogul, King Engine Bearings). It is our intention as your vendor to offer a complete product that guarantees the return business of your clientele.

What kind of support does Crankshaft Rebuilders offer for its products?

Crankshaft Rebuilders recognizes the need for product support and provides a toll free support line and complete Engineering Reports to assist with any and all product issues or questions that arise. In addition, we can comply with any technology requests you may have such as electronic price sheets, EDI transactions and E-Catalog data in a number of industry formats. For more information please see our Crankshaft Rebuilders Services page.

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